Australia: Port Phillip Bay in Excellent Health, Report Card Shows

Health of Port Phillip Bay and Yarra River Continues to Improve

The release of a new online report card shows that the Victorian Coalition Government continues to improve the health of Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said the launch of the new online report card provides Victorians with comprehensive water quality information, as part of the Coalition Government’s commitment to a cleaner Yarra and Bay.

“The Coalition Government continues to deliver its Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay plan that pledges to provide transparent information to Victorians,” Mr Smith said.

The report card demonstrates that through the Coalition Government’s $1 billion investment and with the support of the Victorian community, the health and protection of the Yarra and Bay continue to improve year on year.

“As a result of this Government’s continued commitment to create a cleaner Bay, the report card shows that Port Phillip Bay is in excellent health.

“The report card also indicates that the Yarra is environmentally healthy, with 52 per cent of Melbourne’s water catchments rated in good condition.

“Understandably, and consistent with waterways around the world, as the Yarra draws closer to urban areas the water quality becomes poorer.

“With information from the report card, this Government now has the most up-to-date data to target hotspot areas along the Yarra and focus efforts on where they are needed most,” Mr Smith said.

“In contrast to the record of the former Labor Government, the Coalition Government’s vision, management and investment is ensuring the health of the Yarra continues to improve year on year.”

The annually released report card is based on monthly data from more than 100 Melbourne Water monitoring sites throughout the catchments and eight EPA sites in the Bay.


Press Release, May 20, 2014