New M900-2250-130 from Teledyne BlueView

New M900-2250-130 from Teledyne BlueView

Teledyne BlueView has released the M900-2250-130 in both standard 1000m depth rating and 4000m depth rating.

The M900-2250-130 includes the third generation electronics package called ‘S3’ electronics. The ‘S3’ electronics package gives users the most advanced controls over the sonar settings including sound source power level control, gain and threshold setting.

These new capabilities give the MSeries better imaging power at further ranges and higher resolution throughout the field of view.

The M900-2250-130 has 150% more field of view coverage than the P900-2250-45. This new addition to the MSeries family is the most versatile sonar on the market providing long range obstacle avoidance and close up high resolution imaging,” said Ted Germann, Teledyne BlueView’s Chief Sales and Marketing Executive.


Press Release, May 20, 2014

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