New Zealand: Dredging at Sandspit Marina Starts

Dredging at Sandspit Marina Starts.

The Sandspit Marina dredging program has begun and the first of five pontoon arms will be installed in August.

“Our crew in Sandspit have been working hard for two months to fabricate the pontoon modules for Arms A and B of the Sandspit Marina,” announced Pacific Pontoon, one of the contractors.

Dredging at Sandspit Marina Starts

Fabrication of Stage One is now complete, which includes all modules for A-Arm and 16 Modules for B-Arm.

“Work to dig the marina basin will now progress at Sandspit, after which our crew will travel back to New Zealand to float the pontoon modules and begin fabrication on the next stage,” they stated.


Press Release, June 16, 2014