The Netherlands: Deltares Software Days in Full Swing

Deltares Software Days in Full Swing

The Deltares Software Days began this Monday, 16 June. The participants, who come from more than 80 organisations, number 270 in total.

The focus of the event is on developments and innovations in software relating to water, subsurface and infrastructure. 26 different Deltares software products are on the program, which consists of day-long conferences and user meetings such as the “iMOD & Geohydrological Software Developments in the Netherlands” conference, the Geo Client Day, the Delft-FEWS User Day, the NGHS Conference: D-Flow Flexible Mesh & SOBEK 3 and the “European Data Landscape Conference”.

The central emphasis this year is on cases from our own work. Various program components will look at issues we have addressed, models and user experiences. For example, at the BYOM workshops (Bring Your Own Model), we adopt a shared approach to tackling a concrete question, problem, or best modelling practice,” said Deltares.

The new parts of the program also include the DemoPlaza and PreziPlaza, where Deltares provides a podium for demonstrations of innovative software applications and presentations for leading projects.

A range of software partners, such as HKV, HydroLogic, Nelen & Schuurmans, Delft University of Technology and Tygron will use this option during the week to share knowledge on a one-on-one basis with other users and developers, and to discuss innovative methods.


Press Release, June 19, 2014

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