Seattle Shoreline Master Program in Final Stages

Seattle Shoreline Master Program in Final Stages

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and Washington Department of Ecology will co-host a community meeting next week (June 30, Seattle City Hall) to provide information and answer questions about proposed updates to the city’s shoreline master program (SMP).

The state’s Shoreline Management Act requires local governments to develop SMPs, subject to review and approval by Ecology. An SMP guides local shoreline development and protection.

Seattle updated its SMP in 2013 after five years of work with people representing a broad spectrum of interests. Ecology recently responded to the city’s update. Ecology considered public comments and incorporated a state law passed this year on over-water residences.

In cooperation with DPD, Ecology has asked the city to consider several revisions needed for state approval. These include provisions, allowed in the new state law, which would authorize existing floating residences that the city’s existing SMP does not address.

The meeting will provide general information on the SMP approval process, Ecology’s review, and how people can get involved.

Seattle has 86 miles of lake, stream, estuary and marine shorelines. The city is one of over 150 local governments updating their shoreline programs this year.


Press Release, June 25, 2014