BBT Project Based on Mitchell Ports’ Minimal Dredge Model

BBT Project Based on Mitchell Ports’ Minimal Dredge Model

Mitchell Ports has established a new project company known as Hay Point Exports (HPE) to progress a proposed transhipping terminal for the export of coal at the Port of Hay Point.

This proposed project is referred to as the Bowen Basin Terminal (BBT) project and will require extensive assessment under both Commonwealth and State legislation, requiring HPE to prepare detailed social, cultural and environmental impact studies.

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) is not the project proponent for the BBT. NQBP’s role as the relevant port authority for the Port of Hay Point is to encourage and support increased trade and economic development while ensuring that the port is sustainably managed.

As part of the project investigation, HPE will be required to undertake public consultations. HPE has commenced discussions with some stakeholders and will inform the community as the project develops, including how more detailed consultation will be carried out as part of the project impact assessment process.

HPE has advised that the BBT proposal is based on the Mitchell Ports’ minimal dredge, no sea-dumping, off-shore ship loading model. However, more detailed investigation of the project’s design and viability is required prior to public consultation. The company has advised NQBP that its current planning is for the BBT to be constructed in incremental stages of 10 to 15 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) up to 30 Mtpa to meet what HPE expects to be future market demand for coal from the Bowen Basin.

The proposed incremental port development is consistent with the principles under the recently released Queensland Ports Strategy that identified the Port of Hay Point as one of five Priority Port Development Areas within which expansion can occur.


Press Release, July 7, 2014