Cemex Takes Delivery of New Idreco Dredger

Cemex Takes Delivery of New Idreco Dredger

Idreco has delivered a state-of-the-art ISD350-M dredger for the Cemex-plant in Lüttow, North Germany. The new dredger is equipped with an IDP350 Idreco dredge pump, which is one of the most efficient and modern dredge pumps currently available in the market. 

The choice for a bigger pump was made in order to reach the same amount of production at a lower pump rpm. It reduces wear and at the same time it increases production with less energy consumption.

Development of the new Cemex dredger was a joint collaboration. Joachim Wunder, Regional Manager Aggregates Hamburg, visited Idreco’s new office and workshop in Doetinchem, the Netherlands and various other operating Idreco dredgers in the area. Together with CEO Wim Snippe and sales manager Joachim Seiter from Idreco, they discussed new ideas and improvements for the dredger and the overall dredging process.

The years of experience at Cemex and the technical knowledge at Idreco have resulted in improvements in the plant software leading to a better control of the energy costs. Together with the flexibility of the pipeline, and the mounted DGPS control system, Cemex can now dredge more tons against a lower price.


Press Release, July 9, 2014