TEMCO Project, Winner of WEDA Environmental Excellence Award

TEMCO Project, Winner of WEDA Environmental Excellence Award

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) has awarded the Port of Kalama with the top 2014 Environmental Excellence Award in the navigation dredging category. The Port was recognized with the top honor for the TEMCO Berth Maintenance Dredging and In-water Flow-lane Placement project.

The Port of Kalama was recognized for using an innovative new ‘scour hole placement’ technique on the award-winning TEMCO project.

In 2013, the Port successfully placed 189,000 cubic yards of dredge material near two pile dikes in the Columbia River. This method places dredge material back in the river to maintain natural river processes and protect the pile dikes. In addition, the dredging and disposal costs were 65% less than dredging costs in 2012.

The Port designed the dredging project with input and support from local, state, and federal agencies as well as collaboration with Coast and Harbor Engineering, BergerABAM and HME Construction. The new dredging technique is credited for environmental and economic benefits for the Port of Kalama and its community.

Environmentally, the project minimizes erosion while restoring conditions for shallow water habitat for fish. This innovative dredge method is transferable to other dredging sites.


Press Release, July 9, 2014