Italdraghe Delivers One to Sicily

Italdraghe Delivers One to Sicily

Italdraghe has recently delivered a new mini dredger to a small fishing harbour near Ragusa, on Italian island of Sicily.

The dredger will make an important contribution to the structural improvements planned for the busy little port where the fishing industry is of great signifiance to the local economy.

The dredger, commissioned onsite by Italdraghe technicians, was supplied complete with dredging pipeline and floats as part of a turnkey package awarded to Italdraghe in 2013.

The main particulars of the dredger are: length 11 m, breadth 3 m, draft 0.52 m, dredging depth 3.10 m, engine Iveco NEF 280 N67 MNT, suction diam. 183 mm, discharge diam. 150 mm, max solids pump can handle 90 mm diam.


Press Release, July 13, 2014