The Philippines: Dutch Expertise for Flood Problems

Dutch Expertise for Flood Problems.

Five experts from the ‘Dutch Risk Reduction Team’, which includes Deltares, are visiting the Philippines right now.

They are looking at what is needed to make the country more resilient so it can cope with the forces of nature in the future. The island country is working hard on reconstruction work after the devastation inflicted by typhoon Haiyan last November, which caused 6,000 fatalities and made millions homeless.

The Dutch team

As well as an expert from Deltares (Tjitte Nauta, a specialist in integrated water management), the team includes experts from Royal HaskoningDHV, the Red Cross, Wetlands International and Cordaid.

In recent days, they had talks in Manila with the organisations involved, they engaged in consultations in Tacloban with local experts and the local authorities, and they went on a field visit to the afflicted region.

They will be looking at options such as upgrading coastal defences, planting mangroves and reclaiming land. The goals are to strengthen the coast and create opportunities for the local population.

Focus on reconstruction and prevention

The DRR team is a joint initiative from Dutch Ministers Ploumen and Schultz van Haegen. A pool of experts from businesses, research institutions (including Deltares), NGOs and government authorities from the Dutch water sector can be deployed rapidly after floods, droughts and water contamination.

The DRR team focuses on reconstruction and prevention, not on emergency aid. Most of the experts’ work involves advice about solutions, but they also look for possible openings for contributions from Dutch business.


Press Release, July 16, 2014