UK: HR Wallingford Appoints New Research Director

HR Wallingford Appoints New Research Director

Dr Giovanni Cuomo has been appointed as Research Director at HR Wallingford. Giovanni joined HR Wallingford in 2008, having previously worked with them as a visiting researcher.

He has since helped to develop their expertise in the modelling of coastal structures, both numerically and with physical models. His appointment as Research Director follows the retirement of Ian Townend.

Dr Jane Smallman, HR Wallingford’s Managing Director, said:

As a Technical Director, Giovanni has played an active role in the delivery of our research program. As Research Director, he will assume responsibility for the strategic direction and development of these activities.

“Research gives us our edge; Whether it’s tackling key problems for our clients or investing in our own program of fundamental studies, research provides us with the tools and techniques needed to keep us at the leading edge, challenge our expert staff, and help us to lead new initiatives in the water sector.

Dr Giovanni CuomoDr Giovanni Cuomo said:

Research is the key to our success; it helps us to solve the difficult problems faced by our clients. I’m looking forward to working with the talented and enthusiastic people at HR Wallingford, and with universities and research institutes worldwide, to promote forward-looking science and technology. We will continue support industry through the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions in rapidly changing environments.


Press Release, July 18, 2014