Slovenia: Koper Dredging Project in Full Swing

Koper Dredging Project in Full Swing

The Port of Koper dredging scheme is moving forward. The second, larger dredger, owned by the Netherlands-based contractor Van Oord, yesterday commenced dredging works aimed at the seabed deepening along the Container Terminal to 14 metres.

By the end of August, the trailing suction hopper dredger Dravo Costa Dorada will remove about 90 Olympic-size swimming pools of sea sediments (silt) that will be pumped to the disposal sites in the port’s hinterland.

For this purpose, a three-kilometre long pipeline was laid over the last weeks. The dredger will operate 24 hours/day.


The dredged material which is temporarily stored in its own hopper is then pumped through a pipeline to the disposal site.

Van Oord commenced the works last week when a smaller dredger started deepening the seabed under the construction of the container quayside which is technically particularly challenging.


Press Release, July 21, 2014