EXCLUSIVE: Dragflow Introduces “High Depth Dredging”


Dragflow, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, has submitted their presentation on High Depth Dredging, exclusively for Dredging Today readers.

Growth of global population, tourism, transportation of people and goods together with increased awareness of the need to protect the planet are shaping the future of dredging technologies.

Dredging is becoming a crucial activity for the development of our society. Create new land or develop and maintain an efficient harbors network, as well as restore dams’ capacity and productivity or open safe and efficient water-ways are basic activities to sustain economic growth in most countries.

But more and more new challenges, such as the installation of new wind turbines and offshore platforms, clean-up of polluted areas to restore the original environment or fast reaction in civil emergencies, demand efficient and reliable dredging solutions.

High Depth Dredging

Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and a growing amount of projects involves dredging activities in deep sea environment. Typical suction dredging technology is limited by water depth, Dragflow has therefore concentrate its effort and research activities into the submersible pump technology in order to achieve high efficiency and deep sea dredging technology and presented its new line of products during last WEDA Meeting in Toronto.

Deep sea exploration represents a huge technical challenge, where critical hyperbaric conditions and maintenance needs play an important role on the overall success of a project. Dragflow is a world leader in this field with dredging solution up to 300m of working depth and several successful projects with dredging depth above 100m.

Dragflow High Depth Solutions include: high depth dredging pumps, high depth cutter heads and high pressure water systems, oil hoses umbilicals, hydraulic spooler for hoses management and specific hydraulic power pack for long oil lines and offshore conditions.


Three projects have been delivered recently, an high depth dredging pump built for Norway that will work at depths of up to 100m, a complete dredge for Russia with working depths of 60m and components including pumps, excavators, umbilical and spooler for a dam cleaning project in Colombia for 65m working depth.


July 25, 2014