Kemira – Reliable Partner for EnGlobe in Kishon River Dredging Project

Kemira - Reliable Partner for EnGlobe in Kishon River Dredging Project

Canadian company EnGlobe Corp. has been successful in a worldwide tender of leading remediation contractors for the dredging and treatment of contaminated sediments of the Kishon River in Haifa, Israel.

The contract, awarded by the Israeli authorities, represented by the Kishon Drainage & Rivers Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, is being undertaken by the Biogenie Middle-East division of EnGlobe Corp. It consists of dredging the final 7 km of the Kishon River to improve the hydraulic conductivity by removing heavily impacted hydrocarbon contaminated sediments produced from historical activities in this heavily industrialised area.

It is estimated to take approximately 36 months to dredge the 7 km section of the 70 km long Kishon River which has its source in the hills to the west of Galilee and flows into Haifa Bay in the Medditeranean Sea.

EnGlobe and its Biogenie Middle-East division have the responsibility for removing and processing up to 500,000m3 of hyrdrocarbon-impacted sediments by dredging, followed by separation and dewatering to enable bioremediation. In addition all resultant effluent requires treatment such as de-nitrification, de-ammonification with a low TSS to ensure suitability for discharge back to the Kishon under a strict discharge control.

To enable this process the significant part of the treatment regime consists of sending the dredged slurry through primary separation followed by chemical separation within the treatment plant that consists a thickening tank to recover a large proportion of the water followed by additional separation by four large dewatering decanter centrifuges.

During extensive site trials Kemira succeeded in selecting a highly effective flocculant, suitable for both the settlement tank as well as the downstream centrifuges.

“We appreciate Kemira especially because of their ‘hands on’ approach to site support and broad experience, which far outweighs any cost saving we may get from other suppliers,” said Gavin Rodway, Liquid Processing Plant Team Leader at Biogenie Middle-East, EnGlobe.


Press Release, July 28, 2014