USA: X-Subsea Scores Five-Year Deal with Civil Engineering Company

X-Subsea Scores Five-Year Deal with Civil Engineering Company

X-SUBSEA has secured a significant excavation contract to assist a civil engineering company with the construction of a dam across the Ohio River in the US.

The innovative project, across the busiest inland stretch of waterway in the US, involves placing piers onto a concrete template placed into the river. X-Subsea will be responsible for clearing sediment from the templates to ensure that they are in sufficient condition to successfully mount new piers to form the north side of the dam and will utilize its patented T8000 excavation tool, which is specifically designed for controlled, non-contact and safe seabed excavating in water depths up to 1000 feet.

Jason Miller, president and CEO of X-Subsea, said: “X-Subsea has successfully completed a first phase excavation of this ‘wet built’ dam project efficiently and ahead of schedule.

“We have a vast track record in the oil and gas and renewable markets, and have the largest fleet of controlled flow excavators in the world. Our employees are highly skilled at operating these tools and bring a vast amount of experience to operations. Increasing our presence and equipment capabilities in various civil projects across the world will further strengthen our reputation as a leader in precision dredging and excavation.”


Press Release, July 30, 2014