Thailand: Dredging to Bring Relief to Songkhla Province

Dredging to Bring Relief to Songkhla Province

Somchai Janpratin, deputy mayor of Songkhla Province, yesterday examined the Tao-it dredging project in the city municipality.

The drains are the main way to funnel water from the city into Songkhla Lake, and dredging will let the water flow from the city into the lake faster, lessening the flood problem in Tao-it neighborhood that occurs every year.

Workers with a backhoe-loader and a vacuum truck are removing mud and weed from 192 water drains located throughout Songkhla City. The dredging project started yesterday and will continue until September 28.

Janpratin said that every year from October to the beginning of January, Songkhla City and neighboring areas are affected by the Monsoon Trough that causes a regular flood problem.

Clear water drains are an essential way to solve the problem. The dredging project is being acted upon as an expected solution to the problem.


Press Release, August 11, 2014