ACPA: New Board to Strengthen Canada’s Ports

New Board to Strengthen Canada’s Ports

New leadership is taking over the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) as it launches a nationwide effort to bolster port infrastructure and navigate the shifting tides of global trade.

Following two fruitful days of networking and discussions on the future of the Canadian maritime industry at its annual conference and AGM in Bathurst, NB, ACPA has introduced its new Board of Directors, Chair, Vice – Chair and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer for 2014-2015.

The new leadership group will make it a priority to work with the federal government to strengthen Canada’s ports to support increased international trade.

Empowering ports is critical to the future economic growth of Canada,” said Mr. Bernie Dumas, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA), who was unanimously selected by the Board of Directors to be Chair of the APCA Board for 2014-15.“

Now is the time for us to seize the moment. Ports are at the core of Canada’s supply chain, and are crucial to moving goods in and out of the country. We have the opportunity now to pair Canada’s 21st century trade agenda with 21st century trade efficiency,” he added.

Ms. Karen Oldfield, President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority, was selected as the incoming Vice-Chair of the Board.

With an ever-increasing proportion of cargo being moved by ship, improving, growing and maintaining port infrastructure has never been more critical,” said Ms. Oldfield. “Ports are fundamental to the success of Canada’s international trade agreements and as such bring immense economic benefits to Canadian citizens. Strong ports will position Canada as a world leader in trade and supply chain efficiency.

The ACPA Board also welcomes Pierre Gagnon, President and CEO of the Port of Sept-Iles, as incoming Corporate Secretary/Treasurer.

Rounding out the complement of eight Board members are:

  • Sean Hanrahan, St. John’s Port Authority
  • Mario Girard, Quebec Port Authority
  • Donna Taylor, Oshawa Port Authority
  • Robin Silvester, Port Metro Vancouver
  • Sylvie Vachon, Montreal Port Authority (Past Chair)


Press Release, August 21, 2014