Quinns Beach Receives New Sand (UK)

Quinns Beach Receives New Sand

Fred Stubbs Park at Quinns Beach is scheduled to reopen to the public next week as the coastal protections works are nearing their completion. Following a closure of six months due to contractor works, the park will reopen on Friday, 29 August.

With irrigation works, topsoil and turf placement already complete, the new children’s play equipment is being installed this week.

All but a small area of Fred Stubbs Park was handed back to the City of Wanneroo in July. The contractor’s site area at the southern end of the park will remain fenced off and will be reinstated following completion of coastal protection works in September.

Sand nourishment works north of the groyne at Quinns are now complete, with 26,000 tonnes of sand in place. The limestone retaining wall, including conservation fencing on top of the wall, is also complete.

The sand bag revetment wall now extends beyond the newly constructed limestone retaining wall and native vegetation is being planted between the limestone retaining wall and sandbag revetment.

Meanwhile, the rock revetment wall and groyne maintenance works are nearing completion, with only a few finishing touches remaining, while car park reinstatement works have also commenced.

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said the Quinns coastline was being frequently monitored as part of short term and long term coastal management plans.

Monthly beach surveys are being undertaken by the City’s coastal engineering consultant and will continue until November, while monthly photographic monitoring of the Quinns Rocks coastline will continue until the end of the year,” Mayor Roberts said.

A hydrographic survey is scheduled for September, and collection of wave, water level and current data is also being undertaken as part of the long term metocean data collection.”

The long term data collection includes two locations offshore of Quinns Beach, covering two separate three-month deployment periods (winter and summer).

The summer deployment is complete and instruments were placed back in the water on 27 June for the winter deployment, and are scheduled for retrieval in late September.

The Community Reference Group met for the first time in July to review the consultancy brief for the long term coastal management study and the next meeting is expected to take place in October, following appointment of the long term coastal management consultant.

Press Release, August 22, 2014