USA: Comments Invited on Lynden Shoreline Program

Comments Invited on Lynden Shoreline Program

A program to manage 4.61 miles of shoreline within the city of Lynden is under review by the Washington Department of Ecology and is open for public comment.

The proposed updates to Lynden’s shoreline master program will guide construction and development in the city’s stream shorelines, including Fishtrap Creek and a portion of the Nooksack River.

The locally tailored shoreline program is designed to protect the shoreline environment, reserve appropriate areas for water-oriented uses, and protect people’s access to public land and waters.

Once approved by Ecology, the city’s shoreline program will become part of the overall state shoreline master program.

The proposed shoreline program includes:

– Protects existing shoreline vegetation and encourages the re-establishment of shoreline vegetation;

– Establishes protective buffers and setbacks of 50 to 150 feet with the flexibility to reduce buffers based on individual property circumstances;

– Encourages soft-bank erosion control methods and limits construction of new shoreline armoring;

– Provides shoreline regulations that are integrated with the city’s planning, zoning, and critical areas ordinances.

Comments will be accepted through September 25.

Press Release, August 22, 2014