VIDEO: Launching of Senwatec Аmphi-King Dredger

Launching of Аmphi-King Dredger

Аmphi-King from the German manufacturer Senwatec is a first ever made amphibious boat of this type and PROGROUPE is the first company to use such equipment.

Amphi-King is a brilliant solution for reconstruction of water bodies with limited spatial possibilities (ponds at golf course or in the park of chateaux, streams etc.) thanks to its small size.

Crawler track drives enable the boat to access the water from almost anywhere and are environmentally friendly (do not cause any damage to grassy and other surfaces). Owing to numerous optional equipment (i.e. rake, buckets, t-cutter bar, suction pump etc.) attachable to the Amphi-King has extremely versatile purpose.

September 5, 2014