New R 922 Crawler Excavator from Liebherr

New R 922 Crawler Excavator from Liebherr

At the 2014 NordBau in Neumüster, Liebherr is presenting its R 922 crawler excavator, which supersedes the previous R 906 model and has been introduced at the 2013 Bauma trade fair in Munich, Germany.

Together with the R 918 and R 926 crawler excavators, the 22-tonne R 922 is a member of the newly developed product range with up to 24 tonnes service weight. Its Liebherr diesel engine with oxidating catalytic converter has a rated output of 105kW (143hp) and complies with Stage IIIB exhaust emission limits.

The crawler excavator R 922 is designed for earthmoving and drainage work. Like all the new-generation excavator models, it is equipped with integrated excavator system technology for rapid, smooth working movements. In order to make the necessary flow volume available quickly and without one consumer significantly affecting another, and to ensure optimal use of the available energy, the Dual Circuit Positive Control hydraulic system is used.

This allows the machine operator to save energy compared with other systems, since it reduces or in some cases entirely eliminates pressure losses. The driver benefits from the natural, harmonious movement cycles made possible by the load-dependent volume distribution principle.

The steelwork has been functionally optimised to withstand continuously increasing demands for trouble-free operating life. The cruciform undercarriage increases stability and disperses stresses more effectively. The centre section and side members are designed to make cleaning quicker and easier. The tractive force of 190kN makes the excavator highly manoeuvrable, even over difficult terrain.

Higher grabbing force, a breakout force of 123kN and a digging force of 149kN increase the performance of the R 922 still further.

Press Release, September 10, 2014
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