CCCC Shanghai Wins Taizhou Dredging Gig

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CCCC Shanghai Wins Taizhou Dredging Gig

On September 3, CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. won the bid for the EPC contract for the mudflat surfacing project in Taizhou East New Area, Zhejiang Province, with a total construction period of 30 months.

The project is located in the east of Taizhou East New Area and the core of Taizhou Bay Cyclic Economy Industry Agglomeration Zone, with a total area of 13.2 square kilometers. This development program will involve dredger fill works measuring 74 million cubic meters, excavation and maintenance of river channels measuring 33 kilometers and soft foundation treatment works measuring 800,000 square meters.

The project is aiming to develop the eco-fishery economy in Taizhou Bay and promote the construction of Zhejiang’s integrated fishery zone.

Press Release, September 12, 2014
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