Senator Ritchie at Lake Neatahwanta Dredging Site

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Senator Ritchie at Lake Neatahwanta Dredging Site

State Senator Patty Ritchie recently visited Lake Neatahwanta, as dredging began on the lake in an effort to restore it for use by the public again.

Senator Ritchie has secured $200,000 in special funding to help the City of Fulton and the Town of Granby cover the costs associated with dredging the Lake. The aid builds upon $200,000 secured last year by Senator Ritchie; bringing the two year total of funding delivered by the Senator for the restoration of Lake Neatahwanta to $400,000.

For more than 25 years, the beaches surrounding Lake Neatahwanta have been closed to the public due to poor water quality resulting from excess sediment clogging the openings of natural springs. In addition, excess sediment also carried with it phosphorus, which has led to an overgrowth of blue-green algae on the lake, reducing oxygen levels and making it hard for wildlife to survive.


Press Release, September 13, 2014




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