UK: Refurbishment Works Underway in King’s Lynn

Refurbishment Works Underway in King's Lynn

The Environment Agency, and their contractors Team Van Oord, have started refurbishment of the tidal flood defenses in King’s Lynn.

After months of preparation, the work will involve refurbishing over 50 flood gates to ensure they are water tight. Flood and quay walls will be re-pointed and repaired to provide a good standard of defense.

The King’s Lynn Tidal Defense project will cost an estimated £1 million, restoring the existing tidal defenses, which were constructed about 30 years ago, to their optimum condition. This will ensure the level of flood protection for properties and businesses in King’s Lynn is maintained.

Repairs will be staggered to minimize disruption to the town, and any road closures will only be implemented if absolutely necessary.


Press Release, September 13, 2014