Briefing Meeting Held for Coromandel Dredging

Briefing Meeting Held for Coromandel Dredging

A second public briefing about the Coromandel Harbor dredging project has been held recently, which more than 100 people attended.

This meeting included the following topics:

– Concerns regarding congestion, health and safety and road safety issues at the Sugarloaf Wharf;

– Specific user requirements at the Sugarloaf (public space impact – using too much space at Patukirikiri Reserve);

– Preserving Coromandel’s unique character;

– Ecological impact and sediment contamination for any proposed dredging;

– Affordability/cost for the final option for improving facilities within Coromandel Harbor.

In line with what the Thames Coromandel District Council decided at the meeting, the next steps are:

– To develop a business case for a half-meter deep channel at Furey’s Creek for recreational boating and shallow draft charter boat and a dredged basin between Furey’s Creek and Coromandel Wharf;

– In tandem with that, the Council is going to start proceeding with a resource consent application for the Sugarloaf.


Press Release, September 15, 2014