Bangladesh to Procure 23 Dredgers

Bangladesh to Procure 23 Dredgers

Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan told the parliament yesterday that the government would procure 23 dredgers, 4 amphibian dredgers, survey vessel, tug boat and crane boat to ensure navigation on inland waterways across the country.

The government already procured 11 dredgers and conducted sand quarry in 1,000 km rivers to ensure smooth navigation for water transports during the last tenure,” he told the house while replying to a question of treasury bench member Sukumar Ranjan Ghosh.

The minister also said that the government has taken a project to procure 20 dredgers for sand quarry from rivers to ensure navigation of the waterways and that the project is underway for approval.

Besides, 25 privately run dredgers are engaged in sand quarry for smooth movement of water transports on rive routes,” he informed the House saying that Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) is implementing six projects to restore waterways navigation through sand query in the country.

The projects involve 2,470 km of capital dredging on 53 water routes (1st phase), 110 km dredging on Madaripur-Charmuguria-Tekerhat-Gopalganj water route, procurement of 10 dredgers, crane boat, tug boat, officer’s house boat and 3,611 km of capital dredging on 53 water routes (2nd phase).

Press Release, September 16, 2014