Sliedrecht to Host TID’s Engineer Training

Sliedrecht to Host TID’s Engineer Training

From June 1 through 12, 2015, Training Institute for Dredging (TID) annual Beaver Engineer Training will be held at their training facilities in in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands.

This two-week training program is aimed at (future) crew of IHC Beaver dredgers, IHC Merwede’s (now Royal IHC) range of durable and highly efficient standardized cutter dredgers of which over 700 have been supplied worldwide.

High efficiency, however, is not only achieved by purchasing an efficient dredger; a dedicated and well-trained crew is of vital importance to fully benefit from the production potential offered by a Beaver Dredger, or any dredger for that matter.

The Beaver Engineer Training is designed for personnel tasked with maintaining and troubleshooting of the various systems on board of a Beaver dredger, thus keeping downtime and waste to a minimum. Accordingly, the target audience for this training consists of roughly three groups:

– All-round operational personnel maintaining and repairing all systems on board of an IHC Beaver Dredger on a daily basis;

– Mechanical engineers;

– Electrical engineers.

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September 23, 2014