Dolgellau Flood Reduction Scheme Starts

River Dredging

Natural Resources Wales has started work on a scheme to reduce the risk of flooding for more than 300 homes and businesses in Dolgellau.

The work includes putting in new defenses and improving some of the existing defenses along the left bank of the river Wnion, from the Enterprise Park to the Aran Road area.

The first part of the work will be to remove the Aran weir. Next month work will start to build new walls and repair existing structures along the Afon Wnion and Aran.

The scheme will improve the standard of flood protection to 182 residential properties and 128 commercial businesses at risk from the Wnion and Aran rivers.

Dolgellau has a history of flooding problems, most recently in 2009 where the wall at Bont Fawr was overtopped.

The construction work is expected to take around 9 months to complete and is funded by the Welsh Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan.


Press Release, September 24, 2014