‘Extension of Westhofkade’ Includes Dredging

Extension of Westhofkade Includes Dredging

Zeeland Seaports has begun works on its ‘extension the Westhofkade’ project that will extend the company’s existing 300 m quay by around 175 m for BOW Terminal. The quay is expected to be ready for use in mid-2015.

Following a period of preparation, tenders were invited in February for the Westhofkade project. The new quay is designed to withstand a maximum load of 5 tonnes/m2. A reinforced section will also be built, for a maximum load of 15 tonnes/m2.

Zeeland SeaportsWork on the project has been underway since June. In addition to the construction of the work site, a start was made on digging the foundation pit and setting up a pumping system to keep the foundation pit dry. Subsequently, in August, the pile-driving work for the sheet pile wall and the other foundation elements began.

BAM Infra will be responsible for building the quay. The dredging work for the quay will be tendered separately. If all goes according to schedule, dredging work can begin in mid-March 2015. Following the dredging work, the quay will be finished off with steps and cathodic protection, after which it will be able to welcome the first ships in mid-2015.

Press Release, October 7, 2014