Kingston Marina Dredging to Start Soon

As part of the upcoming marina dredge project, the Kingston marina will be closed for vessel traffic today, November 19, for surveying. American Construction Company must survey the marina dredging areas and locate the Kitsap County outfall.

In order to do so they will need to close ingress and egress to the marina and launch ramp areas so that they can safely conduct this work.

The marina dredging project should start on December 1st, 2014 with all in-water work completed by the 24th of December. The public launch ramp will be completely closed during at least the first week of December as the launch ramp’s floating piers will need to be dis-assembled and re-located to allow dredging in that area.

American Construction Company will be performing the dredge and they anticipate working during the week but not on weekends. The work they perform will usually be contingent upon the tides, specifically high tides due to the draft of their equipment.

Currently their work plan anticipates that the majority of the work will be accomplished between 7 am and 5 pm, with the dredged material being transferred to the Port Gardner deep water disposal site in the afternoon and evening.

American Construction plans on mooring the dredge and the barge outside of the marina when not in use in order to allow vessels ingress and egress to the marina.

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