Coastal Chariot Completes Two CPT Projects

Acta Marine’s DP1 Multicat ‘Coastal Chariot’ has successfully finished two cone penetration testing (C.P.T.) projects in the UK and Germany.

Coastal Chariot assisted a well-known geophysical services company in Liverpool waters and she has assisted a Swedish survey company in German waters.

C.P.T. provides a rapid and cost effective means by which to quantify geotechnical and geo-environmental properties of sediments. The projects, even while experiencing heavy weather, are both finalized as scheduled.

After already having completed a cable laying project in Scotland, the 2.4 m shallow drafted Coastal Chariot has proven her value for the survey industry as well.

During the operation in the U.K. Coastal Chariot accommodated 17 crew. Especially the presence of the newest design of DP1, with minimum fuel consumption while operating, made the project successful.

Press Release