VIDEO: Keeping the Delaware River Open

The states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are not the only two entities brought together by the Delaware River. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Philadelphia District and the Independence Seaport Museum are as well.

As such, it is no surprise there are close to a dozen governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies that are involved in some way with the river.

Each of these organizations is quite different from one another, yet they are all focused on one common goal: keeping the Delaware River safe, accessible, and functional.

The Army Corps is tasked with keeping the river’s channel safe and open for shipping.

To do this, it must periodically dredge the channel to keep it to a certain depth. In order to do this, it constantly surveys the river’s bottom for the buildup of shoals. Maintaining the Delaware River and keeping it open and safe for both commercial and personal use is no small feat.

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