Dragflow Continues on Successful Path

Dragflow, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, is continuing the development of new products addressing the changing needs of dredging industry.

Just a few days ago, we interviewed one of the company’s leaders to find out more about current projects and activities.

Knowing already that DRAGFLOW achieved outstanding business results in 2014, we started with a simple question: Will you continue this trend in 2015?

DRAGFLOW: “We will definitely do our best to continue on this successful path. We are working hard to give our clients innovation and experience.

DT: With 2014 now behind us, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about the company’s current projects/activities?

DRAGFLOW: “We are working on a new series of pumps, that will soon be available. And, in the meantime, we are moving to a new, larger, headquarters, always in Italy, because we believe that our clients appreciate that our products are build with flexibility, adapting to their needs. Typical Italian creativity.”

Your company recently announced that you are working on a cutting edge project: a new system to detect seals’ damages in submersible pumps. Can you share some insight on this?

DRAGFLOW: “We are currently working on that. It will change the way maintenance on submersible pumps is done nowadays. Stay tuned, something very special is up to come.


With its team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers, DRAGFLOW quickly became a recognized world player in solid pumping solutions. The company is constantly working on new technological solutions, improving performances of its products their processing and application possibilities.

In January, the company delivered a specifically designed machine to one of the largest contractors in the oil and gas industry. This equipment will be used in a project in the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

We asked DRAGFLOW to tell us more about this technology?

DRAGFLOW: “The challenge was to remove sand from the seabed uncovering oil pipes, to allow proper maintenance, and finish the job by covering back the pipes with sand. We designed and built a customized system, according to client’s needs, that includes two Hydraulic Pumps attached to a steel frame with a protective shield. The solution is unique, symmetrical and reversible, and can be used in different ways according to specific needs.

Having in mind all these developments, there is no doubt that another successful year is ahead of DRAGFLOW.

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