PLA’s New Superboat Launched

London Titan – the Port of London Authority’s (PLA) new and unique multi-purpose mooring maintenance vessel – will help modernize how the authority works and provide a safe work platform for staff.

Speaking just days after Titan was launched into crystal clear waters at Portland Harbor, Dorset, PLA director of marine operations Peter Steen said that the boat will be in service by summer.

Representing the PLA’s single biggest investment of the past 20 years, versatile Titan which cost £7 million, is essential for a port that welcomes everything from container ships to HMS Invincible, tall ships to rowing boats.

Titan’s regular work is expected to include:

  • Laying, maintaining and repairing moorings;
  • Laying buoys;
  • Hauling wreckage from the bottom of the river;
  • Supporting dive operations;
  • Carrying out ‘plough’ dredging operations;
  • Supporting third-party projects when needed.

Weighing more than 600 tonnes with a 36.5-meter length, 13.5-meter width and three powerful engines, Titan’s cranes will be capable of lifting loads of up to 25 tonnes. She’ll work to keep busy river channels marked for trade, travel and sport.