Port of Seattle Continues with Terminal 5 Project

The Port of Seattle has completed an environmental analysis, including review of pertinent and available environmental information and preparation of a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) for the Terminal 5 Wharf Rehabilitation and Berth Deepening project.

The project consists of modifications to existing container facilities, including cargo wharf rehabilitation, berth deepening, and electrical service capacity and utility improvements.

Individual elements of the project include:

Rehabilitation of the Existing Wharf – The existing 2900-linear-foot cargo wharf would be rehabilitated to allow the structural elements of the wharf to accommodate cargo crane equipment required to serve super Post-Panamax container vessels.

Berth Deepening – The proposed project includes dredging and sediment disposal necessary to deepen adjacent vessel berth depth to up to -55 feet MLLW plus appropriate allowances for advanced maintenance and over depth to match cargo wharf ability to serve increased capacity container ships.

Upgrade Electrical, Water, and Stormwater Systems – The project proposes to upgrade the electrical supply and distribution for increased loads, remove and replace dockside water distribution system and water, and stormwater systems improvements as required as needed to accommodate the rehabilitated cargo wharf and support ongoing operations.

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