Bellingham Cleanup Plan Ready for Review

A plan to remove contaminated sediment and soil from a Port of Bellingham-owned shipyard located at 201 Harris Avenue on the Bellingham waterfront is available for the public to review.

Under a legal agreement between the Washington Department of Ecology and the port, the cleanup plan addresses a portion of the contaminated area, while an overall cleanup plan for the entire area is being developed.

Contractors will remove a large volume of contaminated soil, about 15,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment, and creosote-treated pilings. They will also demolish an old building and the pier, which will allow for greater access and removal of contaminated sediment. In addition, the pier will be rebuilt.

The contamination is associated with past ship building and marine maintenance activities and has no relation to the current port tenant, Puglia Engineering.

The cleanup work is estimated to cost about $14 million. Ecology will reimburse the port up to half the cost through the state’s Remedial Action Grant program, which helps pay for the cleanup of publicly owned sites. The Legislature funds the grant program with revenues from a voter-approved tax on hazardous substances.

Comments will be accepted through April 7.

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