ACI Event to Discuss Essential Dredging Strategies

ACI’s European Dredging Summit 2015 (7th and 8th October, Antwerp, Belgium) will be focused on discussing the essential dredging strategies and environmental monitoring for project approval.

This meeting will provide a global analysis of dredging projects, environmental regulation and essential recommendations for dredging activity including equipment and contractor selection.

The participants will have a chance to learn how to solve the major problems when developing a successful dredging project, discover global opportunities of future project locations and their financial value as well as network with industry most experienced individuals.

New Speakers Announced

– Paris Sansoglou, Secretary General, European Dredging Association,

– Khalid Bichou, Managing Director, K Bichou & Associates Ltd.

Key Topics

– How Are Recent Regulatory Changes Affecting Dredging Projects?

– Effective Sediment Balance & Waste Management,

– Latest Developments & Innovations in Dredging Technologies & Techniques,

– Effective Maintenance Dredging,

– Strategies for Trade-Type Dredging Projects,

– Qualified Human Resources Training & Development,

– Economic Outlook of the Future Dredging Projects (Europe, Global),

– Project Financing & Budget Management.

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