News in Photos: Dredging the Volga-Caspian Canal

Artemiy Volynskiy on the Volga-Caspian Canal

FSUE Rosmorport’s dredger, the ‘Artemiy Volynskiy’ has been mobilized to the Volga-Caspian Canal where the vessel is eliminating after-effects of an recent storm.

The company’s Astrakhan Branch last week started a maintenance dredging operation to resolve the shallowing of the Volga-Caspian Seaway Canal that was caused by heavy storms from 28-31 March 2015.

Artemiy Volynskiy

At present, the ‘Artemiy Volynskiy’ is conducting dredging operations at the 138-139 km of the canal and will stay there till the shallowing in the affected area is solved.

Artemiy Volynskiy 2

The ‘Artemiy Volynskiy’ belongs to the well known IHC Beaver Series of custom-built cutter suction dredgers. Since the introduction of the standard IHC Beaver cutter and wheel dredgers in 1963, more than 800 units have been delivered. The design of the dredgers has been continuously updated to take advantage of the latest technological developments.

These dredgers, highly flexible in use, are known for their robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance.