Event on Coastal Sediment Set for May

As part of the Coastal Sediments 2015 conference program (May 11-15, 2015), Deltares Academy will offer the Full-Day Course “Coastal Sediment Dynamics (recent theoretical and modeling advances)”.

The conference is the eighth in a series which began in 1977.

The Coastal Sediments conference provides an international forum for exchanging information among coastal engineers, geologists, oceanographers, and others interested in the physical processes of coastal sediments and morphology changes.

Coastal ​Sediments ​is ​an ​international ​coastal ​science ​and ​engineering ​conference ​which ​is ​held ​every ​four ​years, ​alternating ​with ​its ​sister ​conference, ​Coastal ​Dynamics. ​Coastal ​Sediments ​2015 ​(CS15) ​will ​be ​held ​in ​San ​Diego, ​California, ​with ​the ​theme ​of ​“Understanding ​and ​Working ​with ​Nature”. ​

Approximately ​300 ​coastal ​engineers ​and ​scientists ​from ​22 ​countries ​attended ​Coastal ​Sediments ​2011 ​in ​Miami, ​with ​more ​than ​63% ​of ​the ​papers ​from ​the ​international ​community.

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