Dutch Government Presents ‘Afsluitdijk’ Plan

The Dutch government has presented its master plan for a complete reinforcement of the 32 km long closure dam, the Afsluitdijk.

The reinforcement is necessary as the seaside slope of the 80 years old closure dam is no longer strong enough to meet flood safety standards.

The master plan also includes construction of a 5 km long artificial fish migration river and the construction of a new pumping station. With a capacity of 400 m³/s, the station will be the biggest in Europa.

Master plan for the Nieuwe Afsluitdijk does not specify construction details of the new dam, it only shows the basic requirements. In a later phase, the final design will be determined by the government in close consultation with the contractor.

The project is expected to start in 2017 and has been budgeted for €850 million.

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