TID’s General Dredging Course in September

The Training Institute for Dredging (TID) has announced that their General Dredging Course will be held on 14-25 September 2015, at TID’s training facilities in Kinderdijk, a tourist village near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The General Dredging Course is aimed at managers as well as technical and operational staff involved in dredging operations, such as those working for dredging companies, port authorities and consultants.

This course will benefit those with a technical education, but limited knowledge of, and experience in, dredging. The course will further improve their knowledge, resulting in more effective use of dredging equipment.

The following subjects will be covered:


• General introduction to dredging and the selection of dredging equipment;

• Soil characteristics;

• Dredge pump and slurry transportation.

Dredging equipment (design, processes and production)

• Mechanical dredgers (bucket ladder, grab dredger, backhoe);

• Stationary dredgers (profile, cutter, wheel);

• Trailing suction hopper dredgers.

Dredging projects

• Hydrographic surveys;

• Project identification; planning and monitoring;

• Environmental aspects of dredging.

Operational aspects

• Trailing suction hopper dredgers;

• Stationary dredgers.

Dredging costs and contracts

• Costs of dredging;

• Dredging contracts.


• Instrumentation and automation.


• Maintenance aspects of dredging;

• Wear and tear.

The Rotterdam area is an important dredging center and home to many dredging contractors and shipyards. Visits to nearby shipyards and the Port of Rotterdam are included in the course.

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