Carrot Bay Residents to Get New Jetty

Residents of the Carrot Bay community will soon have access to an improved jetty, as part of a new docking facility when the project is completed later this year, announced the Government of the Virgin Islands.

Construction work on the project began on May 21, and is expected to last for a period of five months.  The project includes the design and construction of an L-shaped concrete jetty to be built on concrete piles.

Director of Projects within the Project Support Service Unit, Dr. Drexel Glasgow, stated that the facility will be approximately 100 feet on the long axis, 40 feet on the short axis, and 8 feet wide.

Dr. Glasgow said: “On completion, the project will improve the current state of affairs for residents in the Carrot Bay community, by providing space for docking. The fishermen will be greatly benefitted as they have to find other means to bring their catch to shore at this time, and once the construction is completed, it will also encourage more fishing, thus expanding that industry.”

The construction of the jetty includes the installation of concrete piles, pile caps, and associated components required for the structural support systems; the installation of connecting ramps to the existing boulder revetment and the installation of concrete decking and the installation of cleats and fenders.