Green River Ferry Scheme Includes Dredging

The Mammoth Cave National Park has filed an application with the Energy and Environment Cabinet to modify the ferry landings at the Green River ferry crossing to allow for ferry operation in low water conditions.

Fill material will be placed periodically at the ends of the concrete ferry landing at each river bank, and minor dredging would take place near the north side ferry landing that is prone to deposition of sediment due to the bend of the river.

The placement of the fill material/riprap at both the north side and south side ferry landings will be conducted primarily from the existing concrete landing/roadway, a barge will not be required.

It is estimated that approximately twenty five to thirty cubic yards of riprap will be placed below the ordinary high water mark at/below the end of the existing concrete ramp at each landing.

The dredge material will be removed from the river by a front-end loader, placed in a dump truck and transported to a certified landfill or an upland storage site with containment and erosion control, no dewatering will be required.

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