Important Accolade for Nicaragua Grand Canal

Among the five categories of the “2015 Latin American Projects of the Year Awards” at the 13th Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, the Nicaragua Grand Interoceanic Canal was recognized by the judging panel and granted “Strategic Project of the Year Award” and “Job Creation Project of the Year Award.”

Bill Wild, Chief Project Advisor of Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development (HKND), delivered a keynote speech at the forum on behalf of the Canal Project, introducing the largest civil engineering project in the world to the audience.

According to Wild, the Nicaragua Grand Canal will serve the busy trade links between East Asia, the United States and Europe, and provide a more convenient interoceanic passage for large vessels that cannot transit the Panama Canal, such as the 25,000 TEU container ships.


He explained the great efforts made by HKND on environmental protection. In order to avoid the environmentally and socially sensitive areas, HKND group has made a series of adjustment to the canal alignment in spite of the economic costs caused.

The construction and operation of the Canal will bring a massive boost to the economy of Nicaragua and create a large number of employment opportunities. The living standards will be improved significantly for all Nicaraguans,” he added.

The 13th Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, held from June 9-11 in Antigua, Guatemala, was hosted by the US-based consultancy CG/LA Infrastructure.

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