VIDEO: Broomhill Sands Coastal Scheme

The Broomhill Sands Coastal Defense Scheme at Camber in East Sussex will provide improved protection from the risk of flooding for 1,831 properties, 825 of which are residential.

UK’s Environment Agency awarded the £20 million Broomhill Sands contract to Team Van Oord back in 2014.



The scheme comprises the following key elements:

  • Improving a 700m length of shingle beach by recharging the existing beach;
  • Removing the existing timber groynes and constructing eight new 54m groynes to stabilize the beach and retain the beach material;
  • Constructing a 1,700m length of rock revetment and wave wall along the remainder of the frontage;
  • Widening and improving the existing access way along the top of the sea defenses;
  • Providing a number of pedestrian access steps and ramps, and two maintenance ramps to the foreshore to allow future maintenance of the sea defenses;
  • Fabricating and installing a number of artistic works (the ‘Artist’s Intervention Works’) utilizing timber reclaimed from removed groynes.

The project is scheduled for completion in December 2015.


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