IDRECO Delivers One to Russia

IDRECO, in cooperation with Aurum GmbH, has delivered an IMD2-350 fully electrical driven dredger to Russia.

This dredger, one of the latest versions of the IDRECO Mobile Dredger Series, comes with an in-board high performance IDP350 IDRECO dredge pump with 4 double curved vanes.

The dredge pump, completely manufactured in the Netherlands, is one of the most efficient and modern dredge pumps currently available in the market. .

Installation of the latest IDRECO Dredger Control System guarantees maximum efficiency in dredging which results in maximum production with as less energy use as possible.


The system controls the pump speed and suction head position fully automatic. The maximum suction depth of the dredger is 14 meters below water level.

IDRECO already delivered one dredger to the Ukraine in cooperation with Aurum GmbH in Germany.