Freiberg Hosts Dredging Summer School

 A unique summer school, named ‘From Dredging to Deep-Sea Mining’, has been underway for the past few days (July 6-10) in Freiberg, Germany.

The school, organized by the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, is aimed at improving the knowledge of students and young researchers from different countries in new promising field of human activity – deep-sea mining.

It will enable young generation of miners to become acquainted with advanced technologies for exploration, mining and processing of seabed minerals, as well as with environmental, economical, legislative and political aspects of deep-sea mining.

The school is being organised in collaboration with the following universities and organisations:

  • GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (Germany);
  • Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (United Kingdom);
  • Technical University Kosice (Slovakia);
  • University of Petrosani (Romania);
  • National Mineral Resources University (Russia);
  • Institute of Oceanology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria);
  • State Higher Education Institution “National Mining University” (Ukraine).

Visits to German mining companies are also included in the program.

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