HDCC Starts Maalaea Project

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) has begun works on a $2.8 million project to remove and replace a badly deteriorated pier adjacent to the Maalaea Small Boat Harbor new ferry terminal building.

When completed it will provide a new pier for the Lana‘i ferry and other vessels to load and unload passengers. It will complement the recently completed $16 million ferry and harbor improvement project by Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company.

The project scope of work includes the removal of existing fiberglass grating and steel frame; concrete pier decking and beams. The existing piles will be repaired and reused. The new pier will consist of reinforced concrete beams and decking; aluminum decking supported by an aluminum frame; and 4X10 reinforced plastic fendering to protect the new pier.

At a ground breaking ceremony last week, the contractor, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company brought in a brand new excavator with a special auger attachment to drill the holes for the 24″ diameter cast-in-place concrete piles that will support the new piers.

The in-water work is scheduled to begin in July 2015, and the project will be completed in April 2016. Work on the ferry pier should not impact harbor users since the ferry pier has been closed for several months.

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