WEDA Safety Award Winners

The Western Dredging Association has presented WEDA’s 2015 Annual Safety Awards to Manson Construction Company & Terra Contracting Services, LLC.

The award for a dredging contractor was presented to Manson Construction Co. for their legacy and safety leadership.

The award for dredging project was presented to Terra Contracting Services, LLC for Environmental Dredging of Morrow Lake and Delta: Exemplary Attention to Safety on a Project with Major Public Exposure, Kalamazoo River, MI.

Manson Construction Company

Founded by Peter Manson at the turn of the 20th Century, the company took seriously its responsibility to its employees, in true family-owned business fashion.

This care and concern inspired Manson loyalties across multiple generations of clans around Puget Sound, and it continues today among people throughout the country.

Terra Contracting Services, LLC

Identifying innovative ways to tackle safety issues in the field was a primary objective of Terra Contracting Services during this 12-month oil spill cleanup project along the Kalamazoo River.

After extensive re-engineering, the company constructed an onshore treatment/staging area similar to that of a permanent structure which enhanced safety for site personnel and ensured consistent operations without causing undue stress to either the pumping system or bag operations.

Terra crews intend to use this approach with future major dredging projects to ensure everything is organized and clear to all onsite employees.