Cohasset Harbor Dredging Deal Awarded

Maintenance dredging of portions of the Federal navigation channel in Cohasset Harbor will be completed under the terms of a $1.7 million contract recently awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District.

The contract, awarded on July 13, 2015, will be accomplished by H2H Associates LLC, of Troy, N.Y. The Cohasset Harbor Federal navigation project consists of an 8-foot deep entrance channel, a 7-foot deep anchorage and three 6-foot deep anchorages.

Work consists of maintenance dredging of approximately 62,000 cubic yards of predominantly sandy sediment, by hydraulic dredge from the Cohasset Harbor 8-foot navigation channel, 7-foot deep anchorage and one of three 6-foot deep anchorages,” said Project Manager Craig Martin of the Corps of Engineers, New England District, Programs and Project Management Division in Concord, Mass.

The navigation channel is 90 feet wide, about 0.7 miles in length, and extends from Cape Cod Bay into Cohasset Harbor. The 7-foot anchorage requiring maintenance dredging is approximately 18 acres in size, while the 6-foot anchorage is approximately 5 acres.

The sandy dredge material will be pumped via pipeline to Sandy Beach in Cohasset, about 1.5 miles by water route to the northwest of the federal project. The sandy dredged material will be used beneficially to replenish beach areas eroded from several recent winter storms when it is placed and spread to meet required design grades.

Dredging operations will be performed between October 1st and January 31st to minimize impacts to natural resources in the area.

Work will not include dredging the remaining two smaller 6-foot anchorages and a portion of the 7-foot anchorage where material is too silty to be placed at Sandy Beach.

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